Thursday, August 10, 2006

Skin Cancer Diagnostics

Your medical history. Your health professional will ask when the skin change occurred, whether you have been exposed to substances (such as arsenic) that can cause skin cancer, and whether you have any personal or family history of skin cancer. A physical examination of the skin growth. Your health professional can often tell what a skin growth is by looking at it. After examination, he or she may decide to monitor any change in the skin growth or take a sample of the skin growth for further testing. A skin biopsy. This is usually done when an area of skin has changed color, shape, size, or appearance or has not healed and skin cancer is suspected. A skin biopsy also may be done if the cause of a skin problem is not easily identified. Early DetectionTake steps to detect skin cancer early:
Examine your skin once a month, and ask your health professional to look at any suspicious skin growths. Talk to your health professional about your own personal risk for skin cancer so that you understand the precautions that you need to take. Have your health professional look for any suspicious skin growths during any health examination.


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